The Joy of Recovery

Bridges to Recovery are everywhere!

America’s attitudes about recovery are changing . . .

Today, people are making substantial progress from addiction through treatment and recovery.

In the United States, over twenty million people are in recovery from Alcoholism and Drug addictions.

This is something to celebrate!

Recovery is a new world of opportunities, as people look forward to new beginnings and exceptional days ahead.

At first, people felt their lives were over, which is a common thought that crosses the minds of many in early recovery. How wrong they are! Sobriety, and Living in Sobriety ROCKS!

Getting (and staying) clean and sober is work, but with Hope and by working a 12-Step Program, progress finds a way…one day at a time. Social connections are important, and throughout the recovery community there are gatherings and events of all sorts.

People in recovery can relax in a sober social atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company.

In addition, many in recovery volunteer or getting involved ‘carrying the message’ of recovery to the general public in the communities where they live.

Recovery-themed 12-Step meetings help serve as a recommitment, and means of reaching out to those suffering from alcoholism and drug dependence.

Treatment for alcoholism and other drug dependence helps beyond just eliminating the alcohol and/or drug use. More than half of the people assessed in a recent study reported that treatment had improved their overall health, and helped them address their emotional or mental health problems, improved family relationships, and helped them plan for the future. According to a study released by SAMHSA, 80% of Americans have positive feelings about prevention and recovery from substance use disorders, believing that treatment works and that people can recover and live productive lives.

New Beginnings are waiting on the other side or the good side of addiction(s)…

New Beginnings Radio is an internet podcast show, our shows can be found here and on Facebook.  Our discussions cover addiction, recovery, mental health, and lifestyle topics with an interesting mix of from those in recovery, local practioners, treatment experts and everyday people telling their personal stories. The show provides a provocative and insightful take on the many facets of this paramount issue claiming so many lives and careers today.