About Us

Bridges 2 Recovery is a grassroots organization seeking to remove the social stigma associated with addiction treatment and recovery. As in life, we all cross bridges and with alcohol and drug addiction, we must cross “Bridges to Recovery” to get on the right side of our addiction(s). 

Our focus is to foster a community to share powerful, personal stories of transformation that will inspire others to pursue help. It is an active community dedicated to being a network of support, and striving to break down the barriers keeping people from the path to recovery and the treatment they need.

The Joy of Recovery

In life, we all cross many bridges. For those with Alcoholism (or other addictions), getting to 'recovery' is hard work, but with Hope and by taking Action with a 12-step program, progress creates a way, one day at a time. read more

Recent New Beginnings Radio

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Radio is an internet podcast show, our shows can be found here and on Facebook. Each week, we broadcast a message of hope, encouraging safe solutions and reminding you that you are not alone. 

Our show covers these topics with everyday people, local practitioners, and treatment experts, who tell their personal stories and share how recovery has changed their life and the lives of their loved ones.

Interested in calling in to discuss the topic of the day? We welcome calls at (844) 670-8071.

Interested in being a guest? Please contact us at info@bridges2recovery.com

All shows are archived and available to the public here  Please contact us if you plan to use the show for anything other than personal use.